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Galdrs of the Edda

Lars Magnar Enoksen’s new book.

Description from the book jacket:

“When searching for genuine sources about heathen incantation lore, it is vital to have access to the medieval manuals of the North and to know their contents by heart. The purest examples of Nordic conjuring traditions are to be found in the Elder Edda and thus this book will show all its Galdrs in their entirety.

These pagan poems are presented in their full splendor, the way they were actually written in its ancient source-script. Each and every Galdr is accompanied by facsimiles from the thirteenth century manuscript as well as explanations of its contents. Hopefully they will be insightful, and offer information to those who pursue it.

Only the most arcane Edda-stanzas have authentic Galdrs that teach hard-core witchery, sheltered by tribal memory and impossible to destroy. Its repetitive invocation-structure opens a creative path to strong, ferocious and wide-ranging wisdom. Make it roam as a never-ending rhyme; genuine and truthful, the sacred recycling that survives us all!”

Hardcover, 60 pages. English.

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